Nicodemus – Jesus’ friend

Late at night Nicodemus found Jesus to speak to Him. Jesus told him the reason why He came to earth – to SAVE all those who believe in Him, and that He didn’t come to condemn people, He came to SAVE people. (You can tell your children that the most famous Bible verse was actually spoken in a secret meeting!)

This is a really important message for children to understand as it’s easy to have God’s character distorted and to have Him seen as stern and tough rule keeper and judge. 

Jesus is the truest image of God, so when He speaks, we know it comes from the heart of the Father. 

Nicodemus later defended Jesus to the other religious leaders, and purchased expensive spices to give Jesus’ a royal burial. 

The lesson for this craft can be found here

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What you'll need:

  • printer + paper
  • craft knife 
  • color pencils

Child Involvement:

  • coloring
  • cutting (parents please help)
  • folding 
  • glueing



  • Print & color in. 
  • Score all fold lines.
  • Fold in half and glue together.
  • Cut out window (parents please do this).
  • Fold all vertical fold lines. 
  • Glue end tab to back of box.
  • Done! 
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