God speaks to Samuel

When Samuel thought he heard priest Eli call him, he immediately went to see him THREE times without complaining or questioning!

When priest Eli told Samuel what to say when he heard his name being called again – he obeyed.

When priest Eli asked what the message from God was, even though Samuel didn’t want to share (because it wasn’t good news for priest Eli), Samuel obeyed. 

When Samuel was a child he was learning, and when Samuel grew older, he was leading

Samuel’s obedience as a child paved the way for him to become a great leader. 

A different take on this story is to share with our children how God has entrusted them into our care, and that it’s our job to raise them like Samuel, and not like priest Eli disobedient sons. 

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What you'll need:

  • printer + paper
  • scissors
  • color pencils

Child Involvement:

  • coloring
  • glueing
  • role playing



  • Print & color in.
  • Cut out Samuel (feel free to do a “lazy cut” around his hair) and bed.
  • Apply glue to glue panel. 
  • Attach base of Samuel to bed. 
  • Poke finger through hole to sit Samuel up when God speaks to him. 
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