The Woman at the Well

Jesus’ disciples NEVER expected Him to talk to a Samaritan woman! They didn’t realize the Good News was for everyone. 

When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the start of His ministry, He made it clear that He came for everybody – for every sort of person. 

We can use this story to teach our children that salvation isn’t just for “church people”, it’s for any person who wants it.

The lesson for this craft can be found here

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What you'll need:

  • color printer + paper
  • scissors 
  • something to score creases
  • glue 

Child Involvement:

  • cutting
  • folding
  • gluing



  • Score fold lines, then cut out shapes, and fold all folds.
  • Glue triangles to the back of the woman and Jesus so they stand up. 
  • Glue cover to outside of card.
  • Apply glue to tab B, and make well shape. 
  • Apply Glue to x1 tab A and put in place. Apply glue to second tab A, and close card – the tab should line up with the placeholder. Allow glue to set before opening card. 
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