A net full of fish

The disciples were trying to catch fish all night. When morning came, they were unsuccessful, but Jesus saw them from the shore and told them to cast their nets again. When they did, their nets were so full they almost burst! 

This story can teach us to trust in Jesus even when we don’t feel like it or when we’ve already given up. 

The lesson for this craft can be found here

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What you'll need:

  • printer + paper
  • scissors 
  • color pencils
  • stapler (or glue, tape – but stapling is SO fun for kids.)

Child Involvement:

  • cutting
  • folding
  • stapling/gluing/taping



  • Color and cut out fish. 
  • Fasten together. I recommend stapling the fish together and children love to staple like “a big person”. Tape and glue also works. Leave a gap and stuff fish with scrunched up waste paper from the fish cut out. 
  • Some ideas for the fish:
    • Play a game and toss them into a basket (aka: “the net”)
    • Make a hanging fish mobile
    •  Make a fishing rod with a magnet, attach paper clips to the fish, and go fishing! 
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