Hello! Welcome to this little craft corner on the internet! 

This website was created simply to share the crafts I make for my church’s kindergarten class! Each Sabbath we have about 10-15 mins for our craft time, for ages 4-6. 

I love creating and seeing the children enjoy new crafts. If these crafts foster a love for church and learning about God, I feel any effort I put into this, is completely worth it!

My crafts are…

Affordable. I wouldn’t want any church, regardless of their budget to not be able to do a craft. Most of my crafts can simply be printed. 

Eco-friendly. Let’s be real, most of these crafts are loved, but eventually make their way to landfill or recycling – I hope recycling! You won’t find googly eyes, or pipe cleaners in my crafts. I believe God gave us a MAGNIFICENT planet to live on, and we should be taking good care of it, and if that means missing out on googly eyes and simply drawing on eyes – SO BE IT! (p.s. I’m not some perfect eco-mom, but this is something I felt really convicted about for crafts that quickly end up in the trash.) 


I hope these crafts are a blessing to your life… And by that, I mean, if you’ve realized the night before that you have a craft to prepare for a class the next day, and one of these templates saves the day, I’m so very happy! 

If you have an idea for a craft and not the know-how to get it all drawn up and printable, please get in touch! The best way is on Instagram. Find me @asketchoffaith and send me a DM.