Samuel Speaks

Samuel grew up and became not just a priest but a prophet. 

He spoke to God’s people on behalf of God. 

He told them to turn away from their sins, he prayed for them and interceded for them. Ever since he was a child his whole life was given to service. 

The craft today pictures a young man. So often we get caught up thinking all the priests in the Bible were old men, but they weren’t! You or your child can use Samuel’s talking face to act out any of his stories. 

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What you'll need:

  • printer + paper
  • scissors
  • color pencils
  • brad/paper fastener

Child Involvement:

  • coloring
  • role playing


Note: Outlines OR color option available. Please, click on the blue button below to download this PDF printable.


  • Print & color in.
  • Cut out Samuel.
  • Use something sharp or a hole punch to make a small hole at each black dot.
  • Use brad/paper fastener to attach jaw to face.