Angels All Around

Could there be a more important story to prepare the hearts of young minds for troubles to come?

As a parent I waver between faith and faithlessness as I wonder if we’re living in the end-times. I think of my children and pray for their safety, that they would be spared the troubles to come. 

Should my children ever face trials to come, I hope they think of this story. I hope they remember who’s in complete control of every situation. I hope they remember that God can protect them from any evil, and that His angels go with us wherever we go.

Read the lesson for this week and discuss how, just like prophet Elisha was confident of his safety, we can be too. 

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What you'll need:

  • Printer + paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Coloring tools

Child Involvement:

  • Coloring/crafting



  • Cut out pieces. (adult to help cut out eyepieces)
  • Color in.
  • Tape together strips to make a headband
  • Kids can look through glasses and see angel dangling down. 
  • Talk to your children about how there are angels always with us.  

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