Lost and Found

When Jesus was finally found after three days without Mary and Jospeh, He was found listening to the teachings in the temple and asking questions

How many of your children ask questions, and when they do, how do you answer? 

Treat a spiritual question from a child like gold. It’s not just a question, it’s a window to their mind that they have opened. Foster their curiosity with prayer and satisfy their question, not just answer it and move on. A simply question may not be answered fully immediately. Don’t forget what they ask. For example, if your child has asked, “What’s heaven like”? Make this a topic of conversation in the days or weeks to come. 


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What you'll need:

  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Coloring tools

Child Involvement:

  • Cutting and glueing 
  • Playing (search for Jesus)



  • Color and cut out. 
  • Fold edge of looking glass so the end of the tube is folded (to prevent any scraps or paper cuts on child’s face when looking through).
  • Adults hide Jesus somewhere and have your child(ren) look for Him! 
  • I would LOVE seeing and sharing photo of these crafts in action! Please send them to me, or tag me on Instagram @sabbathschoolcrafts

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