Jospeh goes to Jail

Unfair, unfair, unfair!

Joseph was once treated like a prince by his father, but then, bashed by his brothers, sold to slave traders, bought to be a servant, falsely accused, and then living in prison. 

All the while, Joseph acted with integrity – his arrogant past didn’t hold him. And, all the while, God was near, knowing the future would soon become the present.

In this week’s lesson, we can teach children what it means to trust God and do the right thing, even when everything feels unfair. 

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What you'll need:

  • Printer/paper
  • Coloring tools

Child Involvement:

  • Coloring



  • Print and color. 
  • I would LOVE to seeing and sharing photo of these crafts in action! Please send them to me, or tag me on Instagram @asketchoffaith