The Little Maid

“Little Maid” as we know her, was actually not called that in the Bible. We easily imagine a sweet little girl sweeping the floors and pouring drinks for her master. 

But, her life was not really the children’s story we imagine. She was kidnapped by raiders, and forced to work as a slave in Captain Naaman’s household. It would have been so easy to hate him for what happened to her, but instead she thought of a way to help him. 

This is a story from the Bible I have so many questions about. I hope to meet this incredible woman in heaven who has strength worth pondering.

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What you'll need:

  • Printer/paper
  • Coloring tools
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Child Involvement:

  • Coloring
  • Cutting
  • Gluing 



  • Teachers Tips:
    • Make this craft before your lesson to show your children how it is meant to look. 


  • Colour and cut out all pieces. Make sure you cut up the dotted lines under her arms.
  • Fold glue tabs on food items and glue them to the food tray. 
  • Glue tray to hands. If she falls forwards, just bend the arms slightly upwards and towards her. 
  • I would LOVE to seeing and sharing photo of these crafts in action! Please send them to me, or tag me on Instagram @asketchoffaith

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