Paul and Silas in Prison

This week, the children learnt about a fascinating story where Paul and Silas were thrown into prison. Their crime? “Causing trouble.” Paul had rebuked an evil spirit from a girl and her masters had Paul and Silas thrown into prison. 

The story continues that Paul and Silas sung worship songs in prison, and at night there was an earthquake. Their chains fell off and their cell door swung open. They could have escaped but didn’t. The guard on call, overwhelmed by what was happening almost took his life. 

That night Paul and Silas witnessed to the guard and he and his entire household was baptized that night! 

Acts 16:16-34

What you'll need:

  • Printer + paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Glue

Child Involvement:

  • Create craft and play through the scene



  • Print pages (Please spend some time taking note of which pages you’ll need to print. Some of the pages are for a group to do this craft, and others for a single craft. The main scene needs to be printed double-sided, which I know can be a frustrating experience! 
  • Cut pages. 1. The scene which is folded. 2. The pull page. 3. The pull tab. 
  • Fold the pull tab in half and glue it to the bottom of the scene with Paul and Silas singing in chains. 
  • Place the scene (with them singing) inside the folded scene where the chains have fallen off (where they are standing). Glue on the white rectangles marked glue. 
  • You can now pull the scene and open the door to reveal what happened after the earthquake. 
  • In our Sabbath school class, I had the parents work with the children on this. We did each step together. This worked really well! I also added a find-a-word on the back as this was a quick craft and also gave the children something to do in big church. 
  • NOTE:   I use this paper from Amazon** which I use for ALL my crafts because it’s a bit thicker than ordinary printer paper. 

** This is an affiliate link, which means if you make a purchase, Amazon gives me a tiny portion of the sale (this does not increase the price for you). Thank you in advance if you buy this paper!