Living Water

Scripture Reference: Rev 7:17 "He will lead them to springs of living water."

Imagine the disappointment of bitter water in a desert when thirst levels are the highest they’ve ever been! Imagine the disappointment of tasting sparkling water to not be able to drink it. When faced with thirst, undrinkable water, the God of the universe reached down to the Israelites and turned the bitter water into clean water. This craft is to remind the children that Jesus is the living water, that He alone can satisfy forever. 


What you'll need:

  • printer + paper
  • pencils, felt tips
  • glue sticks
  • tissue paper (blue for water, and other colors for flowers)

Child Involvement:

  • Glue
  • Color
  • Scrunch paper


Click on the button below to download the file to your computer.


  • Prepare the craft by printing the templates and cutting them out. For the main template, fold it in half, use scissors to cut on the cut lines, and unfold. Fold the other two corners, before glueing to a backing piece of paper. Cut strips of blue tissue paper for the water. Fold the tissue paper like you would a paper fan, and cut curved strips to give the water some “movement”. Cut small squares of colored tissue paper which the children will scrunch up for the flowers. 
  • Instruct the children to glue the water first, then rocks, grass and flowers. If there’s still time, they can color in the rest of the page. 
  • NOTE:  Use thicker stock paper. I this paper from Amazon** which I use for ALL my crafts! 

** This is an affiliate link, which means if you make a purchase, Amazon gives me a tiny portion of the sale. Thanks in advance if you buy this paper!