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ALL the resources listed here I have personally used. If something is listed here,
it’s because I think it can add value to your child’s walk with Christ! 


I adore The Jesus Storybook Bible. I think every child should have this Bible! As an adult I was captivated with the story of Salvation woven through this book. My son begged me to read chapter after chapter – often the very first words out of his mouth in the morning was to read this book when we first got it. 
This book is fantastic! 
For curious minds this book will teach your children what a wonderful world we live in from a scientific point of view, and be in awe of God our creator. Each devotion also has a fun fact and a one-sentence prayer. 
I cannot recommend this book enough – especially if you’re looking for a book to gift for Easter. This book is moving! It poetically takes us on a journey seeing the curtain as a barrier between us and God, but then, the curtain tore… 
I LOVE this book and it should be in every Christian families bookshelf! 
If you’re looking for a special book for baby, this thick-paged hard-book is too cute with a fuzzy soft cover. The rhyming short stories are clever and the illustrations are gorgeous! 


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I can mostly (95%) RAVE about Jonathan Park – but then, there’s 5% that I just can’t (Whether it be weird, odd, confusing for my young son for example). We listened to Jonathan Park with our son while driving, so we could stop it and have a discussion if needed. On a whole this audio series is BRILLIANT. I personally learned so much about a creationist perspective on evidence for a young earth and how science and archaeology is on our side. My son was 5 when he listened to this, I would guess 7 years old would have been a more appropriate age to grasp some of the bigger ideas in the stories.
To listen you’ll need to buy the CDs or pay for the “unlimited” subscription. (You might also be able to borrow these from your local library as we were able to!) Website here
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Discovery Mountain

Produced by the Voice of Prophecy ministry, Discovery Mountain is a place where the Bible comes alive in imagination and where innocent stories threaded with faith are shared. 
Speaking as an adult, I didn’t enjoy these as much as the Jonathan Park series, but my son LOVES Discovery Mountain. We have spent many minutes sitting in the car on our driveway waiting for a story to end.
After each story, a few minutes are spent sharing scripture and a spiritual lesson.
You can listen to Discovery Mountain (for FREE) via their website here, or via a major podcast streaming service. 
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Adventures in Oddyssey

Adventures in Oddyssey is a favourite in our family! There is plenty of wholesome stories to entertain and teach young minds lessons in life with a faith-perspective. 

The production is excellent and with 800 stories, you’ll feel like the characters are part of your family in no time. 

The best part is how relatable some of the stories are. We often have conversations after episodes talking about what we would, could or should have done in different circumstances that arose in a story.  

You can purchase CDs from Amazon here, or subscribe to their club for unlimited access here

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